Social Media driving Sales?


I just posted a note the other day looking for information about how people were using social media in relation to CRM – it didn’t take long before I saw this post on Anneke Seley’s Sales 2.0 blog:  Social Networking in Sales.  It has some great concrete examples of sales teams using LinkedIn and Twitter with measurable results.

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2 Responses

  1. Steve,

    I was actually on the panel with Anneke she mentions at the Sales 2.0 Conference in Boston.

    I agree thoroughly that we’re right at the point now in the evolution of using social media to sell that we need case studies. Case studies drive adoption and selling with social media (aka “Sales 2.0″) is about to “cross the chasm”.

    You and your readers may be interested in my new ebook “Don’t Cold Call. Social Call”. It’s about one of the applications of social media to sales: how to prospect more effectively (around 8 times vs. “smile and dial”) Get it here (free, no form)


  2. Steve says:

    Thanks Nigel, I’ve downloaded it now just have to find time to read it! If you do have any interesting case studies it would be great to hear about them – not quite there yet here in Australia.

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