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Anneke Seley, author of Sales 2.0, recently posted a summary of a presentation at Dreamforce on how uses their own products to manage their sales team.   She makes a great comment about why a lot of organisation don’t get the most out of their CRM applications:

“Most companies don’t have a clearly defined sales strategy and process that helps their sales reps sell and their customers buy.  They don’t focus on designing business processes before rolling out new technology.”

At my company, in the CLOUD, we strongly agree with this sentiment.  Getting your processes right and strong executive management support are critical success factors.  Without them, the technology isn’t going to improve anything.  In our implementation work, we spend a lot of our time up-front, doing a deep-dive into your business process (whether sales, service or marketing) to identify what can be improved and to ensure that the application supports that process effectively.

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    My hat is off to your astute command over this tocba-irpvo!

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