Pipeline Management 101


As I speak to more customers and prospects it amazes me how many substantial organisations still do not have access to the basic marketing and sales metrics they need to effectively run the revenue generation side of the business.   By basic metrics, I mean KPI’s like


  • How many leads are generated?
  • Where are the leads coming from?
  • How many turn into opportunities or actual sales?


  • What is the sales pipeline for the next x months?
  • What deals are closing this month?
  • Which deals are not moving through the pipeline?
  • What is the customer problem that we  solve for each of our deals?

Although the most effective organisations are adopting ‘Sales 2.0′ approaches to improving sales effectiveness, it seems the vast majority are still using spreadsheets to give them some idea of the sales forecast and don’t have a sense of the basic mathematics that define their sales funnel.

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