Instant Feedback through Social Media


A colleague of mine recently gave a presentation about the impact of social media to me and several other business owners.  He owns a small retail chain with particular appeal to the inner city younger demographic, and uses Twitter extensively to communicate with their followers.    When several of the group expressed skepticism about who actually has time to follow all this stuff, let alone respond, he gave us a simple example – he tweeted saying that he was in the middle of a presentation and wanted feedback about the importance of social media.

Even though it was 5pm on a Sunday afternoon, more than a dozen responses were received in the first 3 minutes!  (And of course the responses were consistent – get with it or your business will be obsolete before long.)  He then quoted the statistic that under 25s consume 16 hours of media a day, in about 7 hours.  They are on-line with Facebook, Twitter and other sites, while watching TV and texting.   I wonder if kids’ brains are changing to enable them to process more streams of information?

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