30,000 reasons to join Startup Victoria


Startup Victoria

When I met recently with Lars Lindstrom, CEO of Startup Victoria, to learn more about the what the organisation does (a nonprofit dedicated to building and supporting Victoria’s startup ecosystem, btw),  I was amazed at the Startup Pack that comes with every membership.


The pack offers free and discounted services that almost every startup will find some use for – for $99 membership fee,  you can get free access to Atlassian products,   SaaSu accounting, Learnable courses,  Zendesk licenses, hosting credit with Rackspace, Elance credit, free processing with Stripe  and discounts to a whole range of other products and services like 99 designs, Hub Melbourne, Aha, Balsamiq, and a host of others.  $30,000 if you were to use all of them – and if you only were to take advantage of a few, it would easily exceed the outlay on your membership!

Hmm, all I need now is a great idea.  Anyone?  Anyone?

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