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Startup Victoria 0

30,000 reasons to join Startup Victoria


When I met recently with Lars Lindstrom, CEO of Startup Victoria, to learn more about the what the organisation does (a nonprofit dedicated to building and supporting Victoria’s startup ecosystem, btw),  I was amazed at the Startup Pack that comes with every membership.   The...

Inika Mineral Cosmetics 0

Inika Mineral Cosmetics


Inika is a manufacturer of mineral cosmetics, made ‘of’ Australia, making its mark in a highly competitive sector.  Being entirely mineral based they are vegan products and fantastic for sensitive skin.  Miranda Bond, the founder and CEO, is an energetic woman and totally passionate about...


Small Business Success


I’ve been speaking with Andrew Vincent lately, the talented man who produced the television series Your Business Success.  It’s a series of interviews between experienced and less experienced entrepreneurs and is full of both inspirational stories as well as fantastic tips on improving your own...